Wedding Photographer Apulia

Wedding Photographer Apulia

We met each other in a night club in Hamburg. It sounds like a cliché beginning – but it was the start of our beautiful fairy tale. Fom the moment we met we could not be without one another. And so it still is six years later. Two magnets always drawn to each other. Soul mates. Best friends. Lovers. Family. All in one.

Christian is an a southern Italian soul trapped in the body of a Dane. Giulia is a mix of north and southern Italian blood. Napoli and Milano. We met in the middle: Hamburg. Cold and grey – yet our favourite place in the world because it is our Home and full of beautiful memories we created together.

We got engaged in April 2017 in Rome. It sounds romantic but it was Christians spontaneous plan. The idea was to ask Giulias father face to face first – in Tuscany. But her dad decided to leave Tuscany two days earlier leaving Christian no choice. He called him and asked him over the phone. His speech was a translation written on post its. But he could not wait any longer. And there he was– in the eternal city – asking for eternal love.

Masseria Potenti was the first and only choice. Again, love at first sight. An oasis amid arid scrubland. You enter into a large sunbaked courtyard and time stands still. Peaceful and quiet. A hidden jem .

Our wedding was the best few days of our lives. Spending a few days with our family and closest friends celebrating our love was an unforgettable experience we would do over and over again. And thanks to Francesco we will always have beautiful images that will take us back in time to the best day of our life.

Giulia & Christian


Masseria Potenti - Manduria



The Bride


Andrea Antohi